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Our Approach

Our consultants have been using this delivery model with success for 20+ years. Below is a visual of the two-step approach.



Our Approach begins with a comprehensive current-state Analysis. The beauty of the Analysis is that it gives you the opportunity to work with our delivery team and assess us as potential partners. From our perspective we reap those same benefits and we get to analyze your business in-depth, hear from you and really tailor a solution that is specific to your needs.



  • Identify and quantify improvement opportunities

  • Develop an improvement roadmap with a guaranteed ROI of 2:1




  • As-is assessment with performance baseline

  • Major findings related to operational performance

  • Best practice comparison and industry benchmarking

  • Short- and long-term opportunities

  • Solutions related to better use of existing technology

  • KPI and metrics evaluation

  • Proposed initiatives to reduce cost, improve service and increase accountability

  • Improvement roadmap with prioritized initiatives and benefit projections


 Additionally, Marathon Partners will present a proposal that will include:

  • Statement of Work

  • Schedule of Deliverables

  • Cost

  • Timing

  • Cash Flow and Payback Analysis

  • Guaranteed ROI of 2:1



We Guarantee a 2:1 ROI on every project. We work with you to establish a performance baseline. The baseline typically includes unit cost, service attainment or other measurable KPIs. During the project, we report on these KPIs every week to show progress against the baseline. By the end of the project if we have not achieved the promised benefit, MPC will stay on at no cost to you until the results are achieved or we will discount the fee proportionate to realized benefit. So for example, if MPC only delivers 90% of the promise, you only pay 90% of the fee, thus protecting the 2:1 ROI.


We have been doing this for over two decades now and believe it creates the right level of accountability and sense of urgency required to deliver meaningful change.




During the project, we execute against the plan developed during the Analysis. Highlights include:

  • Largely on-site effort

  • Very low IT involvement

  • We ask frontline leaders to dedicate 1-2 hours per week to the project

  • The improvements we cultivate and bring to life relate to process, workflow, best practices, better use of existing technology, workforce management, quality and employee development

  • Very collaborative

  • We will push you, but at a pace you are comfortable with

  • Actual implementation – we don’t just recommend changes – we help you implement them

  • Weekly progress reports and ROI tracking

  • Midpoint presentation

  • Final presentation

Below is a sampling of some of the companies that we have worked with over the years.